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Owner: Tiffany-PA Dow RN, BSN

Tiffany, the founder of SKIN AFFAIRE MedSpa, brings over eight years of experience in women's health, critical care, aesthetics, and wellness. Tiffany has cultivated an exceptional ability to connect with women, understands their unique journeys, and advocates for their well-being. Recognizing the profound impact of self-care on women's health, Tiffany is pioneering a path in the aesthetic industry, motivated by a desire to help women feel their best, inside and out. Her approach is rooted in the belief that aesthetic care is a vital component of overall wellness, serving not just to enhance physical appearance but to boost confidence, prioritize self-care, and reach your ultimate beauty potential. At SKIN AFFAIRE, Tiffany's focus is building strong, trusting relationships and offering her patients the best medical aesthetic advice and procedures.

List of Services:

o Wrinkle Relaxer - Neurotoxin
o Dermal Filler
o IV Therapy
o Chemical Peels

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